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Andrea P.

I’ve had many reiki and yoga sessions with Marlene in the past.  I trust Marlene. She is a guide in my journey to honing and understanding my intuition, feeling connected. I am open and I ask to receive and I let go what no longer serves me.  In the past, I’ve had issues with speaking my truth and you know when you get that knot in your throat and you feel nervous? Well, Marlene helped me though those blockages through Reiki and intuitive energy healing with the use of her beautiful sound bowls. Today, although it’s hard to feel it physically, spiritually I feel the energy flowing and it’s through Marlene’s guidance I am able to give to myself.  I honor my truth and Marlene teaches me how to through breathing techniques, journaling, yoga, relaxation, and meditation.  Marlene is an excellent teacher, counselor, healer and I have been so grateful for her wisdom. If you ever feel like you know something is there, intuitively, but you just can’t pinpoint it out, seek. Marlene’s guidance.  She has definitely helped me and continues to because the learning never ends. Thank you Marlene, these sessions have always helped me become a better person for myself, my family, and my clients at work.

Diana S.

"I am feeling all giddy and happy... sad to say that its been a while since I felt this way. It took the guidance of a trusted friend, fellow teacher, mentor, and Reiki healer to help me find my guidance again. I can't say enough good things about the Reiki session I had with Marlene. Everything she said was not only on point but made me see my truth in a different light. She helped me see things from a different perspective that made much sense and inspired me to finally put in the work that I need to do in order to move out of the stagnant place I was in. Although I myself am a master reiki and seasoned yogi, I need to be held accountable to. 

Sometimes, asking for help isn't the most attractive/desirable thing, but i chose to change the narrative. Marlene showed me that asking for help isn't just ok, but necessary. Like she said... it takes a tribe. I'm so thankful that she was able to help me take the cloak off my eyes and the weight off my shoulders. If you're ready to put in some work to grow and find your happy place, do yourself a favor and book this earth angel immediately. I am forever grateful and humbled.

Linda C.

Where does a fellow yoga/fitness teacher go to fill up her own cup? To balance her chakras? ... Well exactly two weeks ago Marlene worked her magic on me! She is kind, loving, understanding, and most importantly, non-judgemental. She explained her process, did her things, and afterwards took the time to talk about what came up. I am still feeling the effects of the work she did on me. I feel balanced, energized, and ready to tackle new challenges, which I have been. Already planning another sound bowl healing and reiki session with family. Thank you, Marlene, for the love and work you put behind your sessions. I am in awe of you and honored to have you in my life!

Alessandra G.

I had a very fulfilling card reading session with Marlene recently and it has inspired me in many ways! The cards definitely resonated with my current situations and after gathering my own insight, she helped me understand what the cards were guiding me towards. I felt the weight lifted off my shoulders, things started to look clearer, and I feel more inspired to be open about my spiritual development and practices. She really makes you feel like you have the power (because you do)! And aside from that, I joined her for a yoga session and she is an amazing instructor. Very fun, friendly, and a true healer.

Miranda O.

Yet another amazing reiki session with Marlene! She has a way of always making me feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders every time. I highly recommend scheduling a session with her, especially if you've never done it before. She has a way of making you feel instantly comfortable, even on your first session. I am so grateful to have her around because she has such positive energy & a magical way of giving some to everyone she meets! I feel so light, relaxed, powerful & free after today's session. Thank you again Marlene!

Ricardo O.

Wow! Marlene made me feel extremely comfortable during my first Reiki session. I felt comfortable experiencing this with her after family referrals and feel confident leaving a review so you can all experience this life changing event. We literally met for less than 5 minutes then she performed the session and afterwards she nailed my personality and my character traits, which helped me clarify my weaknesses and areas in which I needed to put more effort into. Highly recommend you give Marlene a chance. Lifetime member.

Andrea T.

This was my first oracle card reading with Marlene and I am so grateful for her. She provided a safe space and guided me throughout the whole way. She was patient and helped me understand the reading better by explaining it in ways I can understand. Thank you so much Marlene, I really appreciate you.

Marlene L.

The minute I met Marlene I felt an immediate connection, I knew I wanted to experience her work because her presence alone was so healing. I scheduled a 60 minute private session at Mountain Hawk Park for an energy and sound healing session. The overall experience combined with nature was just perfect for me. She helped me gain clarity and understanding around issues in my relationships and my own blocks. Her grounding, earth energy, with intuitive wise words  are very healing. I left feeling a sense of balance and peace. I highly recommend you book an appointment, it will be such an insightful and wonderful experience!!

Isabella N.

Marlene converted me into a yogi! Her classes were the first ones I ever actually enjoyed so much that I have continued to practice with her regularly over the course of the past 1.5 years. She is extremely talented, patient, kind, and welcoming. I have done reikei, private yoga, and other workshops with her and I absolutely recommend her services to anyone interested in diving into this space. I am extremely grateful for her work, we are so lucky to have her!

Jessica H

Such a master of her craft! My best experience with yoga to this day and I have been doing yoga on and off for most of my adult life. My first class was about a month ago and it was transformative. I was going through severe panic attacks, giving me terrible loss of appetite and after her class I was driving home and felt an incredible feeling of actual hunger which I hadn't felt it months. That class became the start of a big transition health wise for me. Every class there after is just as amazing as the next. Do yourself a favor and take her class!!

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