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What others have to say 


Andrea P.

"I’ve had many reiki and yoga sessions with Marlene in the past.  I trust Marlene. She is a guide in my journey to honing and understanding my intuition, feeling connected. 

I am open and I ask to receive and I let go what no longer serves me.  In the past, I’ve had issues with speaking my truth and you know when you get that knot in your throat and you feel nervous? Well, Marlene helped me though those blockages through Reiki and intuitive energy healing with the use of her beautiful sound bowls. Today, although it’s hard to feel it physically, spiritually I feel the energy flowing and it’s through Marlene’s guidance I am able to give to myself.  I honor my truth and Marlene teaches me how to through breathing techniques, journaling, yoga, relaxation, and meditation.  Marlene is an excellent teacher, counselor, healer and I have been so grateful for her wisdom. 


If you ever feel like you know something is there, intuitively, but you just can’t pinpoint it out, seek Marlene’s guidance.  She has definitely helped me and continues to because the learning never ends. 


Thank you Marlene, these sessions have always helped me become a better person for myself, my family, and my clients at work."

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